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Best-In-Class Food Manufacturing Software

Food manufacturing is complex, be it dealing with quality assurance checks, constantly changing food prices, eco-friendly packaging, or the competition to keep up.

Increase productivity, manage your supply chain smoothly and get your food to distributors and consumers faster with Jasa ERP. It's packed with integrated inventory to manage your manufacturing, purchases, sales, suppliers, and customers — all in one software.

Total Control Over Your Production Cycle

Keep an eye on your food manufacturing business and ensure orders are fulfilled with our Production Analytics Report — an aggregated view of production status. It includes several reports to help you analyze manufacturing load and make insightful decisions.

Item Variants

Food manufacturers have to manage thousands of product permutations — such as core type (Arabica, Robusta, Liberica or Excelsa) and form (raw or roasted) for coffee. In Jasa ERP, the primary item is stored as an item template, and each of the variations is stored as an item variant.

Bill Of Material (BOM)

A Bill of Material is at the heart of any manufacturing ERP software, and a well-defined BOM ensures that great food goodies are on their way. Jasa ERP's BOM is hierarchical, with the finished product at the top. It also includes item codes, raw materials, quantities, costs and additional specifications.

Quality Inspection

Stay away from legal with quality checks at each touchpoint with a food article. Ensure food quality with Quality Inspection Templates that can be customized however you need. Until the inspection is complete, Jasa ERP won't allow receipt or delivery.

Material Resource Planning

Material procurement and production planning for food products can become complicated. Be it a work order against sales or material requests, Jasa ERP will show every aspect of your MRP. Track material consumption of batched inventory to curb expenses and achieve zero wasted resources.


No food manufacturing business is complete without outsourcing. Be it for processing or packaging food items, maintain a smooth manufacturing flow with Jasa ERP. Use the Subcontracting feature to supply the raw materials to the third-party distributor or supplier and easily track the outsourced process.

BOM Browser

Navigate through the multiple levels of your BOMs and understand the foundation of your food products. With the BOM Browser, you can not only view the BOM of sub-assemblies but also update them in real time to maintain accurate costs based on stock value and ongoing procurements.

Real-Time Inventory Levels

Avoid last-minute stock transactions with a real-time view at all times. With the Stock Summary Report, you can not just view the stock present at your warehouses, but also move or split it with one click! Get a glimpse into warehouse depletion, and adjust inventory levels on the fly. The Stock Transfer Entry is auto-created in the backend.

BOM Comparison Tool

Food manufacturing can be a costly business. Cut down on costs with an in-depth analysis between various BOMs. Jasa ERP's BOM Comparison Tool lets you compare any two BOMs, be it between different items or different variants of the same item. See what has changed through the years, and stop leaving money on the table.

Shop Floor Management

With the job cards, operations, and workstations features, you can automatically capture mundane activities on your shop floor. A single screen shows the real-time status of job work, the location of each workstation, employee assignments, and the status and next steps of each work order.

Supplier Portal

Use the supplier portal to help suppliers manage themselves. The suppliers can submit requests for quotations and automatic supplier quotations, or access ongoing purchase orders and receipts. Suppliers can also raise purchase invoices for fulfilled orders. You can then verify these invoices for final approval.

Stock Replenishment

To prevent stockouts, track an item's reorder level. When the stock level goes below the reorder level, Jasa ERP will automatically create a material request. This helps you replenish inventory at exactly the right time and reduce chances of stock exhaustion.

Multiple Units Of Measurement

Stocking your manufactured item in one unit of measurement, but selling in another? With a simple configuration, you can manage sales or purchase in different units of measurement. Don't let systems keep you from measuring materials exactly the way you want!

On-The-Fly Customizations

Create your own custom food manufacturing ERP software. Map your most important data by adding custom fields in your forms. Customize form behavior by auto-fetching values, hide fields based on user roles, and create custom print formats — all without a single line of code.

Multilingual Food Manufacturing

Jasa ERP supports more than 100 languages

Self-Onboarding & Empowerment

All the tools you need to achieve manufacturing excellence are part of the world’s first smart, DIY ERP. Transform your organization with excellent documentation and video tutorials that facilitate a zero-touch, super fast ERP implementation.

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